Anonymous: Why would Idina - the original Elphaba - being offered the role 'rub you the wrong way'? 

I don’t think that a 42 year old woman could believable portray a young college student on film. And to be honest, her being the original Elphaba means nothing to me. There have been so many great actresses who have played the role, the order in which they played them is irrelevant. 

does anyone have any monologues from published plays suitable for a male teen? i am desperate need of one for an audition. please help me?!

to be honest i don’t think the world is ready for a wicked movie at this point in time. the stage show is still running as strong as ever and once a movie is made, what else is there to look forward to? you know what i mean? like as a huge wicked fan i’m just very content with the ways things are now.

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